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Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

May 30, 2023

I coach leaders that are tremendously successful in their field, and yet still question the value of their work. From the outside they may look confident and sure of their worth, but inside its often a churning storm of doubt and anxiety. I especially see it in clients after they step into a new level of leadership, start a new company, or get a promotion. The sentiment is often referred to as “Imposter Syndrome”. To me, it’s a good sign, it means you are uncomfortable, not stagnant, and that there’s an opportunity to grow into a more confident and more valuable version of yourself.

I’ve felt the imposter syndrome in each of my work transitions, from grad student to General Manager of a small fried chicken company, to a director in a non-profit, now as a coach. I’m constantly questioning the value I’m providing my clients, especially as I set a financial premium to the value I provide in my coaching commitment to them.

In place of allowing the anxiety to control you, lean into the anxiety and you’ll find curiosity. I assume that what you really want is to know if you’re doing a good job. So, ask your boss this very simple question: “How am I doing in my role?”. It may take some courage and vulnerability to ask, and you may receive some feedback for improvement. But at least you can resolve your anxiety, know what is expected of you at work, and potentially even receive recognition or praise.

Introducing this foundational question into your conversations with your boss, or board, or clients, or even your romantic partner can transform your sense of anxiety into clarity and comfort.

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