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Embracing Your Purpose: Answering the Call for a Purpose-Driven Life

I'm absolutely hooked on the Netflix series 'The Diplomat.' It's a fictional political drama set in the current global political climate. The story revolves around a newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to the U.K. I'm currently three-quarters into the first season, and I can't help but be inspired by the main character's unwavering determination to overcome obstacles.

In the show, Ambassador Wryler (played by Kerri Russell) collaborates with the U.K. to devise a response to a terror attack. Following a late-night revelation, the Ambassador summons her team to work overnight and implement a plan by morning. They all show up, ready to work tirelessly, driven by the goal of averting a nuclear conflict with Russia.

As I witnessed each team member willingly respond to the call of duty, a twinge of envy stirred within me. It made me realize that I long for that kind of call—to show up for an inspiring leader, to grasp the immense importance, relevance, and urgency of my work. It was profoundly moving to witness a team wholeheartedly committed to serving an inspiring leader for such a critical objective. Every member of her team got out of bed, left their families, and set aside any other responsibilities or distractions simply because they were called upon.

I promptly paused the episode to reach for my journal and capture this sensation, attempting to articulate its message to me. And here's what I wrote down:

'It's time to focus on what truly matters.

That scene served as my call to action. Each of us possesses one precious life and an immensely important purpose. It's time we step up and take ownership of our lives and choices with unwavering conviction.

Upon further reflection on this scene, it became apparent that various factors hinder me from dedicating myself to what truly matters: the fear of disapproval from others, self-imposed limitations on what I believe is possible, selfishly hoarding resources, and making excuses to avoid extending generosity. While I'm still seeking clarity regarding the root cause of these obstacles, I do know that it's time to shed these limiting beliefs preventing me from responding with the same determination and resolve as the Ambassador and her team.

Some of you may already be aware of what is calling you, while others might need to remain open to whatever call comes your way. It could be a call to help prevent WWIII, a call to transition to a more purposeful career, or a call to finally express what you've been holding back.

As I write this, it's clear that you can use this article as your call to action. The world needs you to show up with passion and determination. We require your unique voice and your life force.

So, what are you waiting for? I implore you to lead a life of unwavering conviction, to find inspiration in a purpose-driven existence. If these words resonate with you and you feel the same inner pull I experienced, reach out to me, send a message. I'd be honored to help you clarify your calling.

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